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  • Lori Strecker, RN, President
  • Elina Alterman, MSW, Vice President
  • Maren Santelli, LMSW, Secretary
  • Stephanie Magnuson, MS, Treasurer
  • Rep. Dennis “Boog” Highberger
  • Lindsay Buck, MA
  • Michael Showalter
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Let’s Talk, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive sexuality education to improve the lives and health of Kansans. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Students deserve access to thought-provoking, meaningful, comprehensive sex education. “Let’s Talk” aims to build a strong foundation of comprehensive sexuality education in the Lawrence community and throughout the state of Kansas.

The goal of most sexuality education programs in the US is to decrease negative consequences of sexual activity— to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections and decrease rates of teen pregnancy. These are worthy goals, but we don’t believe they go far enough.

Let’s Talk uses a model that is focused more broadly around promoting the well-being, health and dignity of individuals. Helping people contemplate their personal values and think critically about their decisions using a wider lens of health engages people around additional critical aspects of sexuality such as consent, relationships, identity, pleasure, and comfort with one’s body.

about us.
Vanessa Sanburn

Vanessa Sanburn, MSW, started her work in sexual health as a Medical Assistant in a Planned Parenthood clinic before transitioning to their Education Department, where she found her calling: working to ensure sexuality education provides a thought-provoking, positive, and self-affirming experience for participants. Vanessa has served on the Lawrence School Board of Education since 2009, working in part to improve access to meaningful, inclusive, and comprehensive sex education for all students in her district. In 2014, Vanessa was honored with a Spotlight award in Washington DC by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. for her work advancing sex ed policy and practices in Lawrence Public Schools.

Cory Green

Cori Green, RN, BSN, is a professional nurse at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Cori began her career in public health, working in a clinical setting to provide a wide variety of family planning services. In 2005, she began teaching a family based class to facilitate family communication about sexuality. In 2013 and again in 2017, she received the Daisy Award, a nationwide award program that recognized her excellence in nursing while working on an inpatient medical unit at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Cori has taught throughout her career, volunteering in classrooms throughout middle and high schools as a guest speaker on a variety of sexual health topics. In addition, Cori has received special training to conduct sexual assault evidentiary exams for rape victims that come to the hospital emergency room.

Combined, Vanessa and Cori have over 20 years of experience teaching sexuality education and can bring both a social work and nursing skill set to this work. Having education and skills in these fields provides students access to medically accurate information, based upon real-world clinical knowledge and experiences.

current programs.

Let’s Talk is in its third year delivering sex education in freshman health classes throughout Lawrence Public Schools, helping to implement the robust National Sexuality Education Standards. What started several years ago as guest speaking in several health classes has turned into a comprehensive, multi-day program aimed at helping students contemplate critical concepts such as sexual decision making, consent, healthy relationships, identity, and personal safety. In the coming years, we’ll be looking to expand this work to schools across the state.


Your contribution will help ensure access to comprehensive sex eduction for Kansas communities. Let’s Talk is committed to ensuring students receive relevant, inclusive information to support healthy decision making. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please donate today to support and expand this critical work in Kansas.

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Let's Talk, Inc.
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stay tuned.

Exciting things are on the horizon— We’re in the process of developing community classes to help parents navigate discussions about puberty and sexuality with their children, among other potential workshops.

Evidence shows that teens get most of their information about sexuality from their peers— so we plan to develop a Peer Education Program to make sure good information is available where it is needed most. We’ve recieved great feedback from teens who’ve participated in focus groups with us, and can’t wait to begin work on this program.

One of our favorite things to do is answer anonymous questions— we’ve heard it all and love bringing light to what is often a confusing or shameful topic for people. We’re in the process of developing a text messaging service where anyone can get their sexual health questions answered anonymously.